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  Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions
Please read and accept the terms and conditions below before subscribing.
1. Subscriptions
Access to the site will be granted on a thirty 30 days 90 days or 12 months for users who completed the application form, accepted the terms and conditions and the payment made.
The user account will generally be activated within 4 hours of subscription, according to volumes, and the start date of the subscription will be activated the day before the hour when the race or the day after activation, if after the hours of racing.
Users will have access to the site for all race days of the week including holidays for the period paid.
The site owner reserves the right to change fees with 2 days notice to customers.
All users must be over 18 and must ensure that they respect the laws in their countries regarding the minimum age that a person is authorized to access information in games.
2. Access rights of users
By subscribing to the site and accepting these terms and conditions, the user agrees to use their access to the site only for their own use.
The user agrees not to disclose their username or password to someone else, or transfer the information in the site to someone else.
The user accepts that their sign on access will only be used on a PC at any time, multiple sign will be monitored by the site owner.
The user agrees to monitor the use of the site owner access, and that any violation of the terms and conditions will result in termination of access and forfeiture of the subscription monies paid. It will also mean the IP address of blocked users for any future access.
Use notes and all historical information on this site is for personal use of the user and can not be used for commercial purposes or public display without the express authorization signed by the site owner.
If the user needs to change their password, they should contact the site owner

3. Privacy Policy
The website owner understands the sensitive nature of information that is provided to users. By visiting HorsesBase you accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information
The site owner may collect personal information about you to help you enjoy the benefits and services of the site. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable, including, but not limited to the information you submit on the subscription page, your name, address, phone number, title and e-mail.
Under the Data Protection Act the website owner has a legal obligation to protect the information held about you. The user must notify any change of their information to the site owner for the data to remain current.
When connecting to the site of your IP address and the date and time will be recorded against your user name for the purpose of detecting fraudulent use of the site.

4. Special Offers
Occasionally the site owner can work reduced subscription offers.These offers are available to both new subscribers to take their first subscription and existing subscribers who renew their subscription.The offer does not apply to subscriptions using the application form and special offer does not apply to existing subscriptions already out and will not be applied in arrears.
5. Make an offer to a friend
Subscribers to this site can bring friends / acquaintances in HorsesBase and win one month subscription for each friend introduced as long as this friend is a subscriber.
Introduced friends must be new to HorsesBase not a subscriber on the previous site (or using an IP address already registered)
Introduced friends must subscribe to a full-service price for a minimum of 30 days and must include the name original subscriber or user name in the reference box on the subscription form.
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